Direct Chinese Manufacturer Link

Today most of the world RF components are fabricated in China.  They went through a long distribution channels before reaching your site.   Source directly via a China linkage will greatly reduce your sourcing cost.  LIJEN, LLC has already established these kind direct China linkage for quite a few Small and Medium USA corporations.  Different categories of RF components will be added here so you can examine if LIJEN, LLC already has direct China linkage for your RF component sourcing demand.  The current list is as follows:

 Coaxial Connectors

 Surge Protectors

 Other RF Components


           For the RF Components that LIJEN, LLC currently handling, the turn around time to establish your direct China linkage will be much shorter.  Only a few photos of sample product will be posted here to protect our customer confidentiality.


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RF Components

There are many RF coaxial connector standards.  LIJEN, LLC established direct China linkage for DIN, N, TNC, SMA coaxial connectors already.  Contact us and we might have the specific coaxial connector you are looking for.

Since there are just a couple world name brand RF coaxial connector manufacturers, our direct China linkage manufacturer provides a cross reference table which facilitates your easy identification of specific coaxial connector.

Coaxial Connectors

There are 2 types (DIN and N) of surge protectors that LIJEN, LLC established direct China linkage already.

Surge Protectors


Other RF components


LIJEN, LLC has many direct China linkage Chinese manufacturers for other RF components (mostly passive RF components for now) including at least antennas, jumpers, circulators, diplexers, power combiners and splitters, etc. waiting for your inquiries.