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With large number of scientists and engineers, many consider India as the source for software services.  With more population and higher personal income, Chinese software service are more capable in comparison.  There are much more software talents in China that were not tapped yet.  Recognize this opportunity; LIJEN, LLC wants to incrementally provide software services to USA Small and Medium USA Corporations.

Currently LIJEN has a remote system management software service plan that can unload your computer operating system maintenance nightmare to Chinese time and price.  Imagine your daily backup and maintenance is operated in mid night without effecting your day time operation.   To take advantage of this LIJEN software service, there are specific requirement and understanding so China software talents can be fully utilized ĘC your in house computers should possess remote access abilities, specific router management features, etc.  We have special packaged system management software service that suit business with 5 to 50 in house computers without alteration.  Please email us your inquiry and we guarantee the reduction of your software maintenance cost.


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