Direct Chinese Manufacturer Link


The scope of China linkage can be from local USA purchasing from representatives to the extent of establishing one¡¯s own Chinese subsidiary.  With China¡¯s rapid expanding economical activities, a business executive has to include direct China linkage as one of his strategic business direction.  However, there are too many unknowns to reveal and thus expanded time and money before a sound business decision can be justified.  LIJEN, LLC suggests a step wise brainstorm to initial a rational reasoning for Small and Medium businesses to consider whether to get involved in China linkage.

The first question should ask is at what price and quantity threshold should one deviates from purchasing locally USA produced products and services.  As Small and Medium USA Corporation grows, there is their own industrial threshold when one will become uncompetitive if one continue to source their products and services locally.  If it is provided by an agent, one may already acquire Chinese products and services without knowing it.  In which case, the next question for a business executive to ask is whether to explore more personally thru existing agent or to consult with an expert.

The first answer is very much industry dependent that requires the experience from knowing your specific industry in both USA and China.  Then there are many in between questions that business executive would want to hear valued objective opinions from LIJEN executives with supporting figures based on past business practices.

  For many industries, our principals are experienced and well connected that they should be able to provide you with pointers to people that are in the same industry in China.  From its consultations, LIJEN, LLC participated in a few Foreign Invested Corporation (FIC) in China already.


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